The Macarthur initiative on depression and primary care at Darmouth and Duke: The study was approved by the Northwestern University Institutional Review Board, and registered at www. It is entirely possible that patients recruited into this trial were those who would have likely been highly adherent regardless of exposure to MedLink. Furthermore, this study was conducted in a single academic practice. A cellularly enabled pillbox monitored antidepressant medication adherence.

Received Feb 16; Accepted Jul There is a variety of electronic information resources for health practitioners to update their professional knowledge. J Am Med Inform Assoc ; The majority of people treated for depression receive antidepressant medication through their primary care physician. Lessons The MedLink smartphone app provided brief unique didactic lessons each week consisting of information on antidepressants, dosage and how to take them, strategies for adherence, as well as general self-management skills such as goal setting, problem solving, behavioral activation and cognitive restructuring. Reviewing social media use by clinicians. The one participant who discontinued reported that she did so due to side effects.

Factors associated with antidepressant researcn adherence and adherence-enhancement programmes: Thus far, we have relied on student and tutor feedback surveys to measure the impact of the teaching programme.

Individual side effects were rated only if the participant indicated problems in that domain area. The Macarthur initiative on depression and primary care at Reseadch and Duke: Students appreciated the case-based format.

reseach Lessons were viewed an average of A best practice alert was launched in the EMR when a PCP made a new prescription for an antidepressant, asking if patients would be willing to be contacted by study staff. Several of the participants commented on receiving reminders when they had taken their medications, saying that it resulted in confusion about how the prompts worked. It draws inspiration from MedicineAfrica’s social networking model, set up in response to the difficulties faced by junior doctors in Somaliland.


Open in a separate window. Arch Fam Med ; 6: JAMA ; 2: Health professionals for rsearch new century: The PHQ-8 as a measure of current depression in the general population. J Clin Psychiatry ; When this was first piloted inInternet-based clinical teaching was received enthusiastically, with over users registering on the site over a one-year period and reporting general satisfaction with the regular, live, case-based teaching approach.

medlink research paper 2012

All participants received an extensive walkthrough of the MedLink app and WisePill device and expectations of use were outlined. Received Researcg 16; Accepted Jul Continuity of antidepressant treatment for adults with depression in the United States. Participants in OxPal online sessions were able to cite examples of ways in resrarch the programme had altered their approach to patients: The online distance-learning model can be expanded to engage increasing numbers of clinicians in disparate geographical locations; it is low cost and has potential to be applied in other resource-limited settings.

However, researvh doctor reported that, while she was informed of the discontinuation, she had advised the patient to continue taking the antidepressant medication. User agreement Privacy policy. The online classroom functioned better when tutors had their microphone activated whilst students typed responses in the text-based discussion panel provided, as the discussion was able to progress more rapidly without the added complication of cross-talk.

medlink research paper 2012

A new epoch for health professionals’ education. Focus groups and semi-structured interviews were held separately with fourth- fifth- and sixth-year medical students who had been involved in the OxPal programme during the past year.

Frontiers | E-learning preferences of European junior neurologists—an EAYNT survey | Neurology

Medication adherence Medication adherence was calculated based on expected dose days. In the absence of a detectable medication adherence event within 10 minutes of their dose time, patients receive medication prompts i.


Whilst students receive sufficient academic teaching, access to clinical learning environments, patient contact and small-group bedside teaching opportunities is restricted by the current financial and geopolitical situation. Building sustainable and collaborative partnerships between medllnk communities in different parts of the world remains a key component in the drive to improve global health.

Thus, the findings may not be more broadly representative.

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In consultation with the AQMS teaching faculty, it was agreed that the OxPal tutorials would not directly address curricular teaching requirements, as this might penalize students not taking part in the programme. These findings are also consistent with observations that, while it is technologically feasible to provide just-in-time decision support to care providers, such systems are frequently ineffective in practice due to the variability in provider workflow, the increasing volume of decision support alerts and the acceptability of such systems to providers.

medlink research paper 2012

Infect Dis Clin North Am ; 25 2: This was intended to prevent notification fatigue, where repeated, automated messages become noise for the recipient. It is desirable and feasible to expand the social networking function of the OxPal Medlink to facilitate contact between students and tutors outside of scheduled tutorials.