Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Jennica Berger on Brett Butler’s status in ‘Grace Under Fire’

A glance at The Wrap confirms what we suspected: That The New York Times exposé into the exploits of Brett Butler, one of the lead characters in “Grace Under Fire,” is covering more than the lead actress on the show who served time in jail in 2009 for drunk driving.

A Forbes article from three months ago titled “Pretty in Pixels” sought to raise money for a living trust Butler had set up in her name while incarcerated in California. In the article, Forbes writer Peter Lauria points out that former Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer and his wife, Susan, endowed the trust, with the “protection of their millions” ensuring that it would continue after Butler was released from prison. And to hear Jennica Berger, Brett Butler’s manager, tell it, the trust was the source of the women in his band, the Wale, working on album tracks all the time during their stay in jail and of a recent hit to the radio by the band:

“[The Wale’s] music is really about that release I think and the feeling you get from music when you’re working with the band,” Berger says. “We had a meeting at their studio one day in the Chino [Correctional Facility] and it was the last meeting before the guys got shipped out. Jennica called me and said, ‘Hey, we’re waiting to hear from you.’ “So I went to the studio. They had a band in there [the Wale’s] working on some music.”

The above is a couple of days before the release of the “New Standards” track on Beats 1 in April, which Jennica Berger, Butler’s manager, said was the “first song Jennica had heard Brett write.” Not only did the Wale record a song for Brett Butler that Jennica Berger “wouldn’t have done without” being there, the song wound up on Butler’s new album “Sweat” along with the album’s fourth single, the wistful “Honey.” It’s a fitting place to end this post.

As for the squabble over Butler’s homelessness in Southern California, we’re assured that Butler has spoken out about her living situation, and that she is still living in Los Angeles and in support of a caterer who delivers food to her. In any case, the New York Times put the financial concerns of Butler’s advocacy organization, L.A. Rescue Mission, on the back burner in the decision to add her to the roster of actresses serving as mentors to young women featured in upcoming film “A Wrinkle in Time.”

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