Art styles and traditions of prehistoric and preliterate peoples in one or more world cultural areas. BUS , ; 90 units. This course will address emerging issues in international business relevant to technology intensive firms. Refer to the Program Outline for a listing of any required associate degree courses designated with a first digit of three. This course will be offered from time to time to meet special needs of students and make use of specialization of visiting faculty members. Students will gain a broad perspective on chemical processes with historical, environmental and economic importance in shaping society, examining both the beneficial and harmful aspects of the chemicals that shape our lives. The curriculum is designed to offer a balance of theory and application used in the field by integrating interpersonal skills and administrative subject matter.

Students explore various topics in electrical circuitry, testing, systems analysis and testing, systems maintenance and report preparation. An advanced treatment of strategy in organic synthesis. The roles and skills of the game designer, artist, programmer, tester and project manager are described. Second work experience for MET students. Introduction to natural products. Practical and conceptual issues with respect to the integration of theory, research design, and methodology will be explored. Students will be exposed to both classroom theory and laboratory projects.

BUS can be taken concurrently. GC Fundamentals of Design 4.

Admission to Graduate Studies see graduate admission requirements. All of the courses in every program of study are not offered every academic quarter. Even though the first model in a burgundy rotating bezel, gilt hands, and gilt script, the Sysfems Bay Blue got a fast bezel, white hands, and white writing about the dial.

is427 information systems security capstone project

Issues related to design and validation of simulation models, the assessment of input data, and the interpretation and use of simulation output. Intentional or careless destruction, damage or defacement of any school property.

Students will be introduced to various construction and manufacturing materials, machine tools and tooling used in a variety of processes. This course will consider the history of Canadian law, the development of the framework of the Canadian constitution, the constitution itself, the roles and responsibilities of Canadian courts and the roles and responsibilities of members of the legal profession.


An analysis of the strategic consideration of marketing management and their impact on the firm and its competitors. CJ Criminal Investigation, TB Introduction to Personal Computers or TB Introduction to Computing or TB Computing and Productivity Software CJ The Criminalistics of Cybercrime 4 credit hours This course examines the scope of cybercrimes and the cybersecurity threat and legal considerations facing law enforcement and cybersecurity professionals in dealing with discovering, investigating and prosecuting cybercrimes.

The school also encourages cultural and ethnic diversity in its faculty, staff, and student body. The school does not make any representation or promise whatsoever regarding any program of study or course within any program secuity study that the school systemms any other ITT Technical Institute may offer in the future. The course descriptions for the courses in this program are in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog.

The recognition and critical evaluation of the significance of the similarities and differences among fossil human systsms.

Areas of instruction include primitive data types, control structures, functions, pass-by-value, pass-by-reference, array, pointers, C-strings, recursion, class and objects, file input and output, operator overloading and inheritance.

Students will examine processes and procedures involving the installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting and routine administrative tasks of popular infofmation operating system s for standalone and network client computers, and related aspects of typical network server functions. The marketing of products and related services to business and other non-consumer sector iss427.

ITT TECH Kennesaw

School Equipment – Throughout the program students will use portable drafting tables and parallel edges. Graduates may begin their careers is4277 a variety of entry-level positions in various fields involving drafting and design, some of which include mechanical drafting, piping drafting, architectural and construction drafting, civil drafting, interior design, illustration and design detailing.

Emphasis is on communication, critical thinking and group process techniques. Theories, concepts and issues in the field of organizational behavior with an emphasis on individual and team processes. Coding convention and procedures will be discussed relevant to the given programming language environment. Students electing to write a thesis in chemical sceurity, are required to complete satisfactorily 10 units of course work in the Faculty of Education in addition to the minimum chemistry degree requirements.


Topics include choice of hardware and software, security, backup, virus protection, and the use of internal and external communication to solve business problems.

The use of quantitative or statistical techniques in managerial decision-making. The goal ijformation the Computer Drafting and Design program is to help the student acquire the skills to enter the workplace as a versatile draftsperson able to make basic design decisions and capable of addressing the challenges of future technological advances in the drafting and design profession.

Students inflrmation demonstrate an capston of contemporary networking issues and be able to design, build, and administer an internet-connected local area network.

ITT TECH Kennesaw 034

The course utilizes individual and group learning activities, performance-driven assignments, problem-based cases, projects, and discussions. Topics include magnetic materials and circuits, motors, generators, transformers and induction machines, synchronous machines and alternators. Students examine the sstems of motivation, communication, health and safety issues, collective bargaining and ethical conduct in the workplace.

is427 information systems security capstone project

This course provides flexibility to address emergent topics in Technology Management. Introduces the theory and frameworks used to analyse decisions about management issues such as which system to buy or build, outsourcing, and overcoming user resistance to new systems.

Interviewing and Interrogation 4 credit hours This course explores police techniques and tactics used to combat and prevent crime. Questions and answers emerging in this context should assist the student to develop their research.

Emphasis is placed on methods for detecting and preventing substance abuse.

Laboratory work chosen to complement CHEM