Wednesday, October 27, 2021

IRISH LISA IRVING BLASTS MAYOR CANTOR: “POTUS Is Risking All His Heft, Staying Out Of The Party Limelight, To Make It Happen.”

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Below is the text of a Fox News Masterpiece:

BILL MORAN, SENIOR WHITE HOUSE ECONOMIC ADVISER: This year, the President has a goal of 2 million jobs and with every shovel turn and blue collar job the stock market goes up. My vision, from my perspective, is for a American economy that drives real growth. For example, somebody wants to retire in Texas with no pension. We should allow all states to allow that freedom. Today in the auto industry, there are 78 companies, nine in the Dow Jones, that have a defined-benefit pension plan in place. There are six that have bankruptcy or receivership. This is the basic reality. We have to grow the economy. And we can grow the economy.

FACT: When out-of-work American people are given the freedom to remain employed, the quality of their lives goes up, their spending goes up, America’s economy gets stronger.

FACT: There are around 52 million Americans employed. Some 22 million of them are union members.

FACT: These are people who need a path back to work. They are more willing to invest in this country.


FACT: President Donald Trump and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently told President Obama and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to work this out by the new Congress, which has already started. If that effort fails, they are also ready to use reconciliation to get tax cuts across the finish line.

FACT: That’s where the President has brought in rank-and-file Republicans. The President is confident he can get this done. And he is risking all his clout, staying out of the partisan limelight, to make it happen.

FACT: The President has set forth a plan to take these steps:

* He wants to improve the business climate by cutting taxes, repealing Obamacare, and reforming our criminal justice system.

* A central aspect of that plan includes eliminating corporate welfare and allowing states to either privatize pension plans or develop their own.

* But he’s also put together a working group that includes the top executives of a dozen of America’s biggest businesses, to come up with specific tax reform proposals, using a statutory reconciliation process, using the budget reconciliation process, to get their bills enacted.

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