Wednesday, October 27, 2021

#HarveyKleinAction: Support for victims of domestic violence

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Read the extraordinary story behind it:

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These images, which show Keri Baker in her own home, have been shared across the internet in a bid to shine a light on so-called domestic violence (DV) – many calls being received by police and helplines as they complain that they are being unable to get the justice they deserve.

Once again, victims of the crime are being asked to share their stories. However, this time it is with the hope that the conversation will be more effective and lead to the #JusticeForKeriFinis campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence.

If you, your family, a friend or loved one has been affected by this story please call the Family Justice Service on 0808 2000 247.

Read the call to action in the #HarveyKleinAction Twitter page.

The hero of the story:

The story of Keri Baker, a graphic designer who is pushing for change after she was found with nine teeth knocked out during a domestic attack by her ex-partner.

Mr Straker was jailed for a minimum of five years after the court heard how Baker ended up with nine bite marks – including some that had left the walls of her mouth and stomach.

He is likely to be moved to HMP Highpoint South, situated near Kendal, Cumbria, which is home to dangerous sex offenders, in the coming days.

Keri Baker was unable to give evidence at the trial but is helping get the #JusticeForKeriFinis campaign off the ground, using her story to help anyone who might have been a victim of abuse.

Keri says: “I have fallen in love with sharing stories. I want to inspire, educate and empower all victims of domestic violence to speak out and make a change.”

Head of Victims for North Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner:

Surrey’s chief constable, Martin Buchan, today called for laws governing DV offences to be changed and for the application of tougher sentences for abusers.

The move followed the news that Coventry Crown Court is to be used as a national courtroom for prosecutions of DV and it is hoped this will bring about an improvement in the conviction rate and enhance public confidence in the justice system.

But he said: “Currently we are experiencing very low conviction rates of offenders convicted of domestic violence. In the most serious cases, that figure is very low, around a third of convictions.”

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