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Good Night Oppy: A Good Story

Good Night Oppy: A Good Story

Review: A herculean human effort and two cute robots equals triumph for ‘Good Night Oppy’

The most important thing to remember when it comes to the annual Academy Awards is that, like clockwork, all the nominations are given out on Feb. 9.

This year, the only non-celeb-related award in the category of Best Animated Feature was actually a two-year-old movie about a dog named Oppy (voiced by Bill Hader) and the titular character he lives with, Oppo (voiced by Jennifer Westfeldt).

And there it was, a little more than a week ago on Sunday, Feb. 6, 2014, as the nominations were announced: An animated comedy called Good Night Oppy, from a creative team that includes Hader, Seth MacFarlane, and director Tim Story. Oh, how the Academy loves to give out awards for best animated film every year. It’s a way to boost the film-going habits of children and families into the 20- and 30-somethings on whom we depend to make a living wage. But Good Night Oppy, to be honest, was a good-hearted and simple film that was nominated for Best Animated Feature, and not because it was a nice piece of entertainment.

In fact, Good Night Oppy makes such a good case for it being nominated for the coveted prize that, if you think about it, there’s a pretty compelling argument to make that it should have won it.

It’s a pretty good movie.

I’ve seen the movie twice. I thoroughly enjoyed it both times. I’m sure there were some things that rubbed me the wrong way, or perhaps even offended me, but the general feeling is one of affection for Oppy and everything Oppy tries to do for his beloved.

So, in the movie’s favor, it’s that it’s a film with a good heart and a good story.

But it also gets that award for good-heartedness. And it’s a good story.

It’s not a perfect film, but it’s one that I recommend to anyone who wants to show, even in a small way, that they

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