Wednesday, October 27, 2021

FBI and California agents are searching for a missing Illinois man who has been on the run for nearly four years

Brian Laundrie had been on the run since he was arrested after a domestic violence call with his wife, Stephanie King. Now the FBI and a state agency are looking for him as more information surfaces in the mysterious case of the Illinois man who has become one of the most highly sought fugitives in the agency’s history.

Like, that’s what we want to know now,” John Gumport, FBI special agent in charge of the agency’s Chicago office, told CNN. “And we’ve talked about several possible new leads out there, and we’re confident that you’ll be one of them.”

Among the leads investigators are looking into are online postings that suggest Laundrie had worked for a downtown landscaping business, and information about why he disappeared.

On Thursday, authorities described the fugitive as 6-foot-1, weighing 200 pounds and standing about 150 pounds.

With Laundrie — described as a 33-year-old black man of medium build with brown eyes and curly black hair that was often untrimmed — they have not given up hope.

“He’s a 36-year-old black man,” Gumport said. “We have to assume that he’s still in the Chicago area.”

Federal and local agencies are working together as the search, which has been hampered by leaks, continues to unfold, Gumport said.

When asked about those leaks, Gumport said the FBI had had access to “very sensitive information” in the investigation.

“But I think, as some of the coverage that has been given to the public has indicated, it’s really unfair of the public to think that it’s helping our case,” he said.

In Illinois and California, Laundrie’s two young children have not been seen since 2014, when their mother and stepfather were arrested on domestic violence charges after police say they beat her during an argument, CNN reported.

The couple was later charged with abducting the children, then 4 and 2, and their mother remains in jail on the women’s side of the family in Illinois. The children’s father is currently free on bail.

Laundrie’s whereabouts have been unknown. He has had limited contact with family members since disappearing, his lawyer said, and has spoken to some in his extended family who said he left via Atlanta shortly after King’s arrest, CNN reported.

The public has been instrumental in helping authorities find Brian Laundrie, and we would ask for your help again today. We need to reach him. — FBI BUREAU (@FBIChicago) June 7, 2019

Authorities are now considering a man known only as “Brian” — who sources previously told CNN had traveled to Ohio to contact family and friends — “a material witness in the case,” Gumport said.

People on Facebook had reported the nickname to the FBI as an “orientation that wouldn’t necessarily sway them to suspect him as a person who could be useful in the search,” CNN reported.

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