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Elizabeth Holmes case: the former Facebook employee has been convicted of neglect for not providing a healthcare system for her employees’ kids. Elizabeth Holmes wants the judge to pass her right-hand woman Beth Stiller onto her ex-boyfriend Mark S. Mccovey. Elizabeth Holmes wants her ex-husband Beth Stiller to be her health secretary. Elizabeth Holmes has been convicted of neglect for not providing a healthcare system for her employees’ kids. The verdict has come in. Elizabeth Holmes has been found guilty of neglect for not providing a healthcare system for her employees’ kids.

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A body that has a tendency to involve its own attorney (the body that makes ethics procedures an optional school subject) has been revealed to be that of the venture capitalist and socialite. A decision has already been made, a court date has been set (1-9-19-2019) and a judge has been found to be an eminently qualified one.

In a statement concerning the case of Mistress D, Catherine McLaughlin Simpson would say: “The ultimate purpose of this case is to reveal the tyrant in our midst and make clear that it is clear the person in control has become dangerously unstable, perhaps psychopathic, capable of any act.”

For her part, Elizabeth Holmes (Secretary, as we will hereafter begin referring to her) has been busy preparing a defence. With all the cases she is currently facing, she has wondered why some are so hung up on this one.

The vivacious (she and her minions are always at work trying to change that), technophile has been using her millions to try and contain. “It’s all been in the garden, as you know” she told us. “The health centre’s climate-controlled. It’s one of those things that is really uncomfortable, but has no cruelty. We all have problems, but no one likes one more than another. It’s just one of those things where one stands up for himself or herself.”

When reminded that it might not be so simple if this were the course of law, she replied: “I just own the company, I’m not some little girl who loves to be disturbed. That’s just how you are and you’re going to have to deal with it.”

So Elizabeth is found to be guilty of having essentially put more than 40 orphaned children at risk, but not guilty of this further charge of presiding over a patent prosecution. But she will have to answer questions from the Securities Exchange Commission which only think what she’s guilty of: mistreating technology by giving it to those who can profit.

And speaking of ex-boyfriends, while I was saying this to Elizabeth about this case of Mistress D, suddenly I woke up and realised I’m married to her!” she told us. “It’s a thing that has come up several times in the middle of the night, and I do think it’s great. But we made a commitment in the beginning. You know when you have a commitment to be committed? We have decided to be partners. No divorce for us.”

“But there was a thing with Vince?” we asked, referring to Mr. Douglas Mark S. Mccovey III.

“Yes, but no,” Elizabeth said. “He was a difficult person to deal with. He was out of control. It was a lot of stuff. He was gone for a while, and I was a little over-excited. His reaction to some things was over the top, and I’m really lucky to still be with you,” she told her husband.

Her former attorney, Beth Stiller seems to have been appointed to the case and was in on her right-hand person’s conversations. “Now, the biggest problem we have with Elizabeth is that we think she misused her health facilities as far as you know,” Stiller said. “In my mind it’s not right. The person who has controlled this hospital (the Avon Health Center) and who’s responsible for the children needs to be disowned and not do that. But that may not be where the verdict goes.”

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