Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Editorial And Our National Columnist Tom Barber Brings Your Questions To FOX Nation

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Badminton court? No? It’s not. Tram line? Please.

Longtime Coast Guard Tom Barber has taken a deep dive into man-made climate change with big news in Los Angeles. We’re moving into a climate that will be quite frightening over the next 50 years.

For the climate science story, Fox Nation is launching “The Definitive & Award-Winning Short Wave” podcast. Co-hosts Tom Barber, FOXEC’s head of operations, is looking beyond all of the theories and all of the technological innovations to tell the story.

What should Los Angeles do? According to the first part of “The Definitive & Award-Winning Short Wave” podcast, they should “resurrect the underground.” We’re talking about the Bywater neighborhood. It’s an in the background a series of tunnels, associated with all sorts of sanitation issues that would create a new subterranean city system that connects to the rest of the city.

The other side of the podcast is an interview with Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corporation, the parent company of FOX News Channel. Tom Barber and Murdoch speak with folks who’ve lived in the city of Los Angeles for decades, and it’s clear they’re being forced to adapt to new realities.

Watch for these events on @FOXNation, including real-time interviews with Inglewood city leaders, Mayor James Butts, Mayor Eric Garcetti, the LA Times editorial board, the LA County Department of Public Health and other regular contributors to our website.

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