Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Dutch prime minister warns of possible attack after Islamic extremist group issued terror threat

PRAGUE — Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Monday that his country’s security had been stepped up following an assassination threat by an Islamic extremist group.

Speaking during a bilateral meeting with Czech counterpart Andrej Babis in Prague, Mr. Rutte said that there had been no credible threat against the Netherlands, but that it did not mean such an attack could not occur. The EU government was keeping a close eye on events, he said.

Authorities increased the number of security staff in this country by 500 on Oct. 7, Mr. Rutte said. He added that the president, who is also the prime minister, had also increased security.

“If there is an attack and the perpetrators manage to bring down one of our aircraft, then that could be a turning point,” Mr. Rutte said. “We have to remain in close contact with our intelligence service and the Europol, the European security agency. We keep a close eye on the whole situation.”

Video footage shows the premier with Belgian King Philippe, representing the rest of the European Union, at the Koudmarkt square in Brussels, on Oct. 11.

The Netherlands is not an EU member, but the European Commission, the EU body responsible for international economic and security affairs, is an agency based in the country.

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