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Counting down to Coven with comedian Chris Rock

Hi FOX News Radio’s Patti Marie Kelman!

The Count commented on whether Choco-Ice doesn’t quite have a lock on the title of King of Buffet. This week I have comedian and actor Chris Rock joining me on the phone. Please tell me your favorite thing you know about him, right now.

Well, he’s really a workhorse. He started his career when he was 16 doing stand-up at the Apollo Theater. He was performing at the Apollo as one of the writers and producers of Saturday Night Live and some other shows like that. By the time he was 25, he had headlined a variety show in New York. By the time he was 30, he had a comedy tour in 24 countries. He’s done all kinds of stuff.

Any other favorite things you know about him?

I think he’s really good at being funny. And when he’s not funny, he’s great. He’s always hilarious in everything that he does. He’s a great live performer. I love watching him. He’s amazing. He really is like a renaissance man and every time I see him, I always think that he’s getting better. He’s always taking it to another level and making it more interesting. And he’s a great stand-up comedian. He’ll tell you that himself, actually.

On Choco-Ice, do you order it regular or stuffed, like a volcano-style?

The combo. And I’m not a big fan of the volcano variety. I’m a big regular person who kind of mixes it up. Like being a mix between a half and a quart. My favorite is the combo. Or macaroni and cheese, which is really delicious. Oh my god, I love cheese. I love cheese.

Where in your life do you see yourself or where you have lived?

As part of a crime family from the Midwest. I went to school in Iowa City, Iowa, when I was about 16. My family from the Midwest, when they get together, they always share stories of the days when they were immigrants and were poor and then would get into stories of when they turned into rich and poor people. They’ll never let go of that. They just take it back so far.

How about being funny on Broadway?

Well, I’ve done a variety show in 24 countries. I was walking to a subway stop last night and I thought how hilarious it was in India being on a subway stop with a half a ton of produce and a guy in a white cap saying “Better pray for me, because I feel awful.” And he had the entire newspaper, a half a ton of produce and a white cap and a strange accent. The funny thing is, India has this thing where if you wake up at two in the morning, you have to pee, but that is the only requirement for getting home. It’s not required for getting into and out of the subway station. So you’d be rolling in the road as you’re walking up the stairs, you’ve been walking through the night, to get to a subway stop and you’d hear that guy saying the prayer for himself and you’d just be like, that’s it. That’s it. It’s like an Asian theme, I don’t know how to explain it. They’re totally on the hunt for uppers. That was my last night in India. And then I’m walking up the stairs to the subway stop and just hear this guy saying “So you’re here for a show of food or this place?” and I was thinking, Jesus, maybe we’re all meant to be eaten.

Will you ever direct?

Well, let me tell you something, it’s a young man’s game. And it can kill you. I’ll tell you why. It’s the worst thing for a director, to be responsible for a scene, because they can ruin your comedy by shooting it wrong. You know what I mean? I’m fired from my own show because someone would just take a wrong shot. We shot the same scene in the same way, and it was just fucking horrible. So I won’t recommend it. It can kill a very talented comedian.

I love him.

That is a great thing to say. I love it. I love every one of those things.

Thanks to Chris Rock, who stars in the new Coven, premiering Sunday, October 15, at 9pm ET/PT on TV Land!

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