Wednesday, October 27, 2021

CMTtulous: The world’s first celebrity safety consortium, forged by celebrity sightings, secured by celebrity alerts

CTtulous offers a solution to the safety issues facing the entertainment industry.

The strength of CTtulous is that it prevents self-proclaimed security coordinators from commanding famous people in any manner without written authorization from the celebrities themselves. These coordinators are usually former and/or current police officers trained to respond to traumatic events and have been thoroughly vetted. However, as evidenced in the cases of the late Heath Ledger and Kate Moss, celebrities are now much more suspicious of what the security agency assigned to them is doing, especially when a list of protocols and procedures is in its possession.

Over the last decade, celebrities have grown weary of policing themselves and it was on this grounds that actor Gary Coleman sadly died of natural causes in his home as a result of lax security measures. This has provided a great impetus for us to be able to provide a good, reliable service that does not have to worry about Hollywood legends dying in their own home.

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