The total was workers, 25 executives, Production , there were services groups, each Maintenance was Shukla was working as the strength of Maintenance and 50 supervisors. Anand were competing with each other in convincing their subordinates about their performance and used all sorts of techniques for pleasing them like promising them a wage hike, transfers to the job of their interest, promotion, etc. Which of the following is not the typical Rater error? Which of the following is a future-oriented appraisal technique? A very cordial and harmonious atmosphere prevailed upon in this department under John.

Maier, of the following is not included in the seven accomplishments of good counseling? Which of the following statements regarding MBO is not true? Chatterjee had no idea that the situation would take such a turn. Which of the following is not one of the limitations and constraints of performance appraisal? There was a breakdown of communication and innumerable complaints about the rude behaviour of Pravesh started pouring in, Pravesh , on the other hand, had been in this department for the last so many years and was In the habit of treating his subordinates in the traditional style. Ultimately they had to take a decision. He had initiative and drive.

Nathu claimed innocence on the ground that he had not asked for his card to be punched and did not know at the time that it was being punched. Assignment — B Question 1. Sastry know very well about the system and its operation, whereas Mr. Justify your choice of decision. Which, according to N.

case study performance appraisal at kalyani electronics corporation

The Corporation has the system of appraisal of the superiors performance by the subordinates. Which of the following statements regarding MBO is not true? Which of the following is not a traditional and highly scientific method of performance appraisal? Enlist the modern methods of performance appraisal. He was promoted as Supervisor. Joint General Manager and asked Mr. Management administered the performance appraisal technique corpodation the subordinates appraised the performance of all these managers.


Which of the following is not klyani of the main sub-processes of counseling? The worker who insulted Chatterjee was a “notorious character”and no supervisor dared to confront him. The subordinates were by then participating in arriving at the vital decision in regard to their production and productivity. The Sales Manager reported that he was faced with the necessity of notifying one of their best customers that his order must be delayed because of the liability of one department to conform to schedule.

case study performance appraisal at kalyani electronics corporation

In the law we say that intentions are very important. He found a certain worker sitting idle. The two workers came to see the Personnel Director on the following duy. He also reminded them eleftronics it was the policy of the company to enforce the rules without exception.

AID14876: Case Study – Performance Appraisal AT Kalyani Electronics Corporation

It has received several applications for the post of Commercial Manager-Computer Division. Which of the following is not the aim of performance appraisal? However, Jitendra moved into the department arid was soon able to overcame initial difficulties. Also discuss, in brief, the methods of Potential evaluation.

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The union took the case to Shukla and prevailed over him to take stern action against Chatterjee. Under the General Manager operation, maintenance, and headed by a chief. Since it was the rule of the company that each man must punch out his own card, the foreman asked Bhola to accompany him to the Personnel Director, who interpreted the incident as a direct violation of a rule and gave immediate notice of discharge to both workers.


studg He viewed this assignment — As a chance to prove his performance. Nathu was worried about his wife who was ill at home and was anxious to reach home as quickly as possible. Questions a Identify the core issues in the case b Place yourself in the position of the Personnel Director.

Which of the following is not a method of potential evaluation? Search for a csse replacement of Pravesh was accordingly initiated and Jitendra was identified for the purpose. Unknown November 15, at Prakash agreed to it viewing that he will ekectronics considered for General Managers position based on his performance.

He claimed that he had punched Nathu’s card the same time he punched his own, not being conscious of any wrongdoing. Prakash to join the Corporation as Joint General Manager.