Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Brian Laundrie, ‘Game of Thrones’ stuntman, allegedly told police he ‘bit’ and ‘hit’ girlfriend

Brian Laundrie, who was arrested and charged with allegedly hitting his girlfriend in a confrontation over cheating last year, allegedly told police that he “bit” and “hit” his girlfriend, according to dispatch audio released Thursday.

Laundrie, a former stunt performer for “Game of Thrones,” was charged last August with domestic violence domestic assault, attempted assault, attempted rape and forcible sexual abuse. A four-page police report alleges that Laundrie physically and sexually assaulted his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, of London, in a dispute over his past relationships. Petito also sued Laundrie for assault, defamation and harassment in October, but the case was dismissed this week.

When police arrived at Laundrie’s 7th Avenue Apartments in Logan Heights, Salt Lake City on August 3, Laundrie appeared to be distressed, according to dispatch audio.

“My boy bit and hit me, I guess,” Laundrie tells the dispatcher.

Laundrie is ordered by a dispatcher to “take that down,” even if that means punching in a correct phone number. Later, as Laundrie helps himself to his roommate’s mother’s cell phone to call for an Uber, he asks the dispatcher if she is the “street” or an “attorney.”

“The street,” she confirms. “I’m the street,” he says.

“OK,” she responds.

According to a joint statement released by Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill and Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown, Laundrie initially told officers he had punched Petito and “bitten her while trying to put a pillow over her face to avoid choking her.”

Laundrie later claimed to have only “hit” Petito and said he “tried to put her on the bed and strike her with a tennis racket. [He] then tried to put a pillow over her face and she said she was choking.”

Gill and Brown said Petito had also told officers that Laundrie had slapped her, struck her with a ball bat and called her derogatory names.

In later statements to police, Laundrie also said that he “tried to choke her with his forearm and put a pillow over her face” when he was “very angry and the voices in my head saying ‘don’t kill her.'”

Laundrie has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Both Laundrie and Petito have denied the allegations and said they are prepared to “vigorously defend” themselves.

“She [Petito] is still seeking the closure of this false and defamatory report,” a statement released Thursday by Laundrie’s defense team said. “We hope in time the story of a true victim will be told. Although this information is troubling, we have great faith in the court system to do justice.”

“Neither Mark Joseph Laundrie nor Gabby Petito have any prior history of assault or domestic violence,” it continued. “Given these devastating allegations, Mr. Laundrie will be moving forward with his defense immediately.”

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