Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Apple Watch 3 vs. Apple Watch Series 3: What’s the Difference?

Image: Gizmodo

Tim Cook and his merry band of engineers at Apple have put some serious effort into remaking the Apple Watch… and there’s good reason to believe it could be amazing.

There are some, like Stephen Colbert, who were skeptical the Apple Watch could outlast its iPhone-crippling parent device.

But Cook and his like-minded fellow Apple execs put their heads down and they actually took the time to design a rugged, brilliant watch that doesn’t suck at standalone GPS features, as well as the ability to sync with other things at some point.

Apple also increased battery life dramatically by using multiple processor chips and overall — as is the case with most modern iPhones, but for the Apple Watch, this is basically unheard of.

Image: AP

All these things add up to something really nice, if you’re a fan of solid mechanical watches. From the classic Rolex Heritage links to the current variety of what makes for a perfect timepiece, no single person can make a massive list of drawbacks.

There are a few things holding me back, and they’re pretty much basic wear and tear. (My Apple Watch is all wrapped up in red cork and festooned with magenta bits and bobs that cover it, too. Vom.) The Watch will be available in three sizes, and you have two options — women’s and men’s.

The Apple Watch might not be the first smartwatch that runs around its neck trying to be cool, but it could be the last. (Even if I don’t get any new jokes out of the notion.)

One more thing: Just because this thing is a tracker doesn’t mean it’s an activity tracker. Running is a great activity, but unfortunately the Watch will also track laps. (I miss the previous model, as I’m OK with the terrain it tracks — it’s not getting in my way. The last version of the Apple Watch pegged golf swings, too.)

So, this isn’t the kind of watch I wear every day, but if you’re a runner or a jogger, it might come in handy. (It could also come in handy if you love, love, love, everything about your Apple Watch, and you only want it to be worn when you’re running.)

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