Saturday, October 23, 2021

App-based boarding passes are coming for you

A coalition of airport-based mobile application companies has come up with a solution that will make flying a breeze: Nonstop, seamless, high-tech swiping of your smartphone, right into a boarding pass.

To begin with, be sure to check in online beforehand. Apps that work with your carrier automatically will start queuing you up for an allocation of boarding passes, based on the number of days you’ve been allocated a specific flight.

Then, the process of getting your pass and boarding pass is easy: you swipe the boarding pass to begin the process of scanning your boarding pass and all your checked baggage at a special scanner. This is called the “Morpho scanners,” and they work with your airline’s app, and are already used to process boarding passes for some airline passengers.

Like any scanner, it’s not ideal for travelers who need to combine the boarding and baggage payments — planes, like all property, require security vetting at the gate, and some airlines have hotel/flight combos that require you to confirm you want to travel to another airport separately.

Watch the video below to see how to check in and get your boarding pass with the iPhone 9.


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