Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Afghanistan: Women Face Restrictions for Access to Education

Women are feeling the impact of the Taliban’s recent return to power in Afghanistan, as women were recently banned from attending university classes at the Kabul University. This decision contradicts international agreements on gender equality in Afghanistan, such as the U.N.’s plan to enhance women’s role in the education, media, and the workforce.

According to an interview conducted with women who protested on the campus, schools are once again closed to women and all schools have been shut down, leaving the women unable to attend classes. According to the New York Times, “women who went to classes outside the board office over the weekend were told to stay outside on the grass near the board room.”

An Afghan human rights activist told the New York Times that the Afghan government’s efforts to protect women have been “humiliating and humiliating.” The women are “frightened, and so, they don’t dress freely,” according to the U.N.’s representative to Afghanistan. As he further explained, “the number of reports of women in the market wearing burqas is going up”.

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