The Court has found some rights of national citizenship under the Clause, like the right to travel from state to state and establish residency in a new state. Ratified as it was after the Civil War in , there is little doubt what the Equal Protection Clause was intended to do: The national dispute ended in a showdown. However, in United States v. Indeed, some universities have turned to race-neutral affirmative action after lower courts struck down their preference programs. This is exactly what the power under Section Five exists to accomplish. Wong Kim Ark , U.

Substantive due process, however, had a renaissance in the mid-twentieth century. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void. If in fact Section Five of the Amendment reported by the Joint Committee in June had been so understood, one would have expected to have heard at least some comment from those Republicans who had so vigorously opposed the broadly worded version that was proposed in February. Perhaps the best argument for maintaining substantive due process is that the Court has a duty to follow precedent. But it became increasingly unpopular with progressives and mainstream Americans during the Depression, when the Court used it to thwart New Deal regulations. These decisions have focused on two primary issues.

It does not give Congress authority to legislate as to property and contract generally, for example. This effectively nullified preclearance requirements under the Act.

14th Amendment

The Court has rejected arguments that age and poverty should be elevated to suspect classifications. One of the limitations on the Enforcement Clause is that Congress esssay only permitted to enforce the provision through appropriate legislation. These holdings have led to an ongoing debate for the last several decades over whether it is unconstitutional for governments to consider the race of blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans as a positive factor in university admissions, employment, and government contracting.


Some current justices would extend it; some would scale it back; and others would drop it entirely. Finally, while the Fourteenth Amendment applies to a broad range of civil rights, it sssay not apply to amendmet rights like voting, jury service, militia service, and office-holding. In general, legal protections associated with national citizenship are immune from limitation by state law because of the supremacy of federal law under Article VI of the Constitution.

The Republicans who controlled Congress refused to seat members from the former Confederate States, and formed a Joint Committee on Reconstruction to address the status of those states in the Union. It requires that whatever those rights are, all citizens shall akendment them alike.

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Fourteenth Amendment

This clause of the Fourteenth Amendment was drafted to encourage Southern states to grant blacks the right to vote without forcing them to do so.

Historians have debated whether the Fourteenth Amendment was intended essa end such segregation, but in Plessy v.

14 amendment essay

Rights of property and contract amend,ent civil rights, but they are associated mainly with state and not national citizenship because power over them is generally left with the states and not granted to Congress. This contention is simply implausible.

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It also does not say whether national citizenship may be acquired other than through birth in the United States or naturalization, a question that may be important in determining who is a natural born citizen of the United States and so eligible to be President. Native Americans In Elk v. Thus, this view sees the purpose of the Privileges esaay Immunities Clause as applying all of the rights in the Constitution to all of the states.

The scope of the limiting clause is a matter of political controversy today. The only relevant exception today given that Native Americans no longer live in the same kind of tribal regime that existed in the s is for those who owe their allegiance to another sovereign, such as the children of foreign diplomats.


Article III, which deals with the judiciary, gives the federal courts jurisdiction over controversies between citizens of different states, and thus assumes that some people have state citizenship. The Court relied upon the right to privacy in several other cases involving individual liberties, such as permitting abortions in Roe v. The history of the Fourteenth Amendment shows that its framers intended Congress to have expansive power rssay this provision.

What procedures satisfy due process? In the end, the Citizenship Clause is one of the richest single sentences in the entire Constitution, rivalling the Preamble in both theoretical depth and breadth. Section Two deals with the apportionment of representatives to Congress.

While the partial incorporation faction prevailed, its victory rang somewhat hollow. The decision cemented into essaay racist Jim Crow-era laws. However, if the private party discriminates while engaging in public action such as a private university which accepts federal fundingthen that party would be subject to the Fourteenth Amendment.

Chief Justice Taney notoriously replied that declaring Scott to be free would deprive his owner of property without due process of law. The Clause identifies individuals who hold national and state citizenship.

Most importantly, in City of Boerne v. The need to preserve party unity provided the background for the drafting of Sections One and Five. Even so, Georgia does not have to allow amendmentt visiting New Yorker to vote in its elections or serve on its juries. Society of SistersU.

14 amendment essay

Still, Justice Powell proffered an alternative ground for race-conscious admissions by colleges and universities.